PRESEC-Legon inaugurates MISE Problem-Solving

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PRESEC-Legon inaugurates MISE Problem-Solving Club for creative thinking

Mr Joel Dogoe, the Executive Director of Mathematics Inspired Science and Engineering (MISE) Foundation, has encouraged students to engage in problem-solving activities to enhance their creative thinking skills.

“Problem-solving helps students to develop presentation skills, particularly when they communicate with others about what they know and want to learn,” he said.

“It also helps them to understand the ideas others present, which can improve their listening and communication skills and encourage them to cooperate.”

Mr Dogoe said this on Wednesday at the inauguration of the MISE Problem-Solving Club for  the Presbyterian Boys’ Senior High School (PRESEC) at Legon in Accra.

MISE is an academic enrichment programme for students who show exceptional talent and enthusiasm for Mathematics.

It has the slogan: “Where Solutions and Passion Converge.”

Mr Dogoe noted that Mathematics was fundamental to innovation in Science, Engineering, and Computer Science, yet most high-achieving students in Africa did not have access to the high-quality mathematics education they needed to reach their potential.

“This is why at MISE we believe that more students are capable of reaching the frontiers of science and technology through a system of academic enrichment that helps them to succeed at the highest levels of maths and computer science.”

“Programmes such as the MISE Problem-Solving Club help to develop an early problem-solving identity in students and build a deep math pathway for those who develop high interest and motivation.”

MISE recognised the outstanding achievements of PRESEC-Legon in Science and Mathematics with an emphasis on speed and accuracy, Mr Dogoe said.

“However, MISE seeks originality, creative thinking and unusual ability in mathematics and science among students hence our inauguration at PRESEC-Legon,” he said.

He, therefore, urged parents, guardians and teachers of brilliant Mathematics students to encourage them to participate in MISE programmes.

Mr Prince Sackey Agortey, the Assistant Headmaster of Administration, PRESEC-Legon, said solving problems brought students originality to bear and that the inauguration was timely to  project the creative  thinking capabilities of the students.

He urged the students not to give up on their ideas because those ideas would be developed, transformed and polished to make them ingenious problem solvers.

“You only need to channel your energies into areas where your strengths are to do better with your time,” he advised.

Narrating the history of MISE at PRESEC-Legon, Master Ethan Nartey, Co-Founder and President, told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in an interview that the club, launched in October 2023, currently has  about 70 members.

For one to be a qualified member, the student had to be passionate about Mathematics and Science and must possess problem-solving skills.

“Further, the student will purchase a form for only GH¢10 to register to be a full member.”

Master Jayden Akpalu, the Vice President of MISE, PRESEC-Legon, urged colleagues to  nurture the club with dedication and enthusiasm for it to blossom.

Source: GNA


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