Women’s Haven Africa to organise Women Startup Investment Pitch Summit

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Women’s Haven Africa, a Ghanaian Female Tech and Innovation Hub, in partnership with Ghana Tech Lab under the Pathway to Sustainable Employment Program, is organising a Women Startup Investment Pitch Summit.

What is it about?

The theme of the summit is “Web Technology and its potential in Kumasi entrepreneurial ecosystem to accelerate the creation of jobs,” thereby aiming to inspire more women and help them realise the potential of web development as both a suitable and also lucrative career venture.

When and where can we expect the summit to be held?

The Women Startup Investment Pitch Summit is due to be held on September 11, 2020, from 10 am, at the Okubi Hotel, which is located in Abrepo in Kumasi.

Women's Haven Africa
Okubi Hotel

Which other organizations are supporting the event?

The Women Startup Investment Pitch Summit is ably supported by the Mastercard Foundation, Young Africa Works, The World Bank, and The Government of Ghana through its Ministry of Communications.

Source: www.jbklutse.com


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