Zipline launches drone home delivery service

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Zipline, world’s largest autonomous delivery system, specializing in on-demand drone delivery and instant logistics firm has introduced a new home delivery experience.

The new autonomous platform for home deliveries has been designed to be fast, quiet and precise.

Unlike traditional drone delivery services, the new drones used by Zipline fly more than 300-feet above the ground and are nearly inaudible.

They can deliver up to seven times faster than traditional automobile delivery, completing 10-mile deliveries in about 10 minutes, with a service radius of 10 miles carrying a payload of 6-8 pounds.

Zipline’s Platform 2 (P2) launched on Wednesday March 15, 2023 will be used in healthcare and restaurant sectors to expedite diagnostics and deliver prescriptions and medical devices throughout MultiCare’s network of facilities, including hospitals, laboratories and doctors’ offices.

Michigan Medicine will use Zipline’s new service to more than double the number of prescriptions it fills each year through its in-house pharmacy.

Zipline has spent years building and fine tuning its next generation technology, Platform 2 (P2), to provide an optimal customer experience at scale.

The first customer deployment of P2 will follow soon after high-volume flight tests involving more than 10,000 test flights using about 100 aircraft.

Zipline plans to complete about 1 million deliveries by the end of 2023 and expects to operate more flights annually than most airlines by 2025.

“The future of delivery is faster, more sustainable and creates broader access, all of which provides improved value for our customers,” said Jonathan Neman, Co-Founder and CEO of Sweetgreen.

“Over the last decade, global demand for instant delivery has skyrocketed, but the technology we’re using to deliver is 100 years old. We’re still using the same 3,000-pound, gas combustion vehicles, driven by humans, to make billions of deliveries that usually weigh less than 5 pounds. It’s slow, it’s expensive, and it’s terrible for the planet,” said Keller Rinaudo Cliffton, co-founder and CEO of Zipline on Wednesday.

“Our new service is changing that and will finally make deliveries work for you and around your schedule. We have built the closest thing to teleportation ever created – a smooth, ultrafast, convenient, and truly magical autonomous logistics system that serves all people equally, wherever they are.”

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