British-Ghanaian is UK first Children Prime Minister

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11-year old British-Ghanaian, Harry Acheampong, has been appointed as the first United Kingdom Children’s Parliament Prime Minister.

The youngster, who has dreamed of becoming a Prime Minister, came closer to his appointment in March this year.

On April 19, 2023, Master Acheampong attended the House of Lords in the United Kingdom standing shoulder to shoulder with Co-chairs Baroness Uddin and Anna Firth MP of the APPG Metaverse and Web 3.0 event in collaboration with the Children’s Parliament APPG.

Master Acheampong was born in London to Richard Acheampong, a corporate lawyer in London and an entrepreneur with interests in Security and Property and an author.

His mother, Joan Asare, is from Ghana and works as a nurse and a lecturer.


As part of his diplomatic engagement, Master Acheampong spoke via Zoom at the United Nations in New York on World Water Day on March 22, 2023.

He is also working with Football for Peace, which is supported by Prince William, to ensure their message of water management and sustainability reaches every home in the UK.

Master Acheampong says: “First and foremost, the Children’s Parliament Metaverse project must be proven to be safe.

Web 3.0 must be safer than Web 2.0 which is still pretty much like the Wild West.

I want the Children’s Parliament to become the benchmark for all other Metaverse environments to follow.

He called on policymakers and regulators to ensure that children will be safe using the technology

Harry spoke to Tim Scott, Director of Public Policy for Roblox about taking the Children’s Parliament into the Metaverse on Roblox.

He attends the St. Michael’s School in Leigh on Sea, Essex, was appointed the first UK Children’s Parliament Prime Minister.

This focuses on primary school age children from 7 – 11 years of age.

He is a passionate advocate in terms of taking the fight to the causes of climate change and has a strong interest in technology, and this position gives him the platform to highlight these issues on the international stage.

Before his appointment, he was a member of the Children’s Parliament select committee for water management and sustainability where the committee grilled water bosses at the Houses of Parliament in October 2022.

Harry stated that the Metaverse is a quantum leap in communication technology.

It comes with great opportunities, but like every exciting technology it comes with risk.

Source: myghanadaily


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