Kumawu MP launches mentorship program for Senior High School

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Ernest Anim, the MP for Kumawu, has launched a mentorship program aimed at Senior High Schools in the Kumawu District.

The initiative seeks to guide students in developing their skills and personalities to achieve academic and professional success.

The program begins with four high schools: Banko SHS, Dadease SHS, Bodomase SHS, and Tweneboa Kodua SHS in the Kumawu District.

In his address, Mr. Anim emphasized the value of education and the crucial role young people play in the country’s development.

He urged students to “take advantage of the opportunities given to them” and highlighted the government’s commitment to supporting educational initiatives.

District Chief Executive Mr. Samuel Addai Agyekum also encouraged students to embrace tenacity and diligence to achieve their goals.

“The success of this mentorship program has laid a strong foundation for future initiatives in the Kumawu District,” he added.

Program facilitators Mr. Collins Kuffour and Mr. Otuo-Akyampong Boakye expressed optimism about the program’s rewarding experience for participants.

Mr. Kuffour, a lecturer at AAMUSTED, noted that “given their awareness of the difficulties young people face in today’s hectic world, the facilitators created comprehensive presentations that featured inspiring speeches and engaging sessions.”

Mr. Otuo-Akyampong Boakye added that there are “plans to grow the program by adding more schools and broadening its scope to assist even more students.”


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