Sung Foundation commemorates Menstrual Hygiene Day with students

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Sung Foundation, an NGO, has commemorated Menstrual Hygiene Day at some schools in north to improve personal hygiene amongst students.

Sung Foundation took the initiative to provide sanitary pads to girls in three schools in the Northern Region in commemoration of Menstrual Hygiene Day, which is observed annually.

A team from the NGO visited Tali JHS in the Tolon District, A.M.E Zion and Garizegu JHS in the Sanarigu Municipality to educate adolescent girls on the importance of menstrual and personal hygiene.

The educational sessions covered comprehensive information about menstruation, including its biological process, the importance of accepting, and embracing this transition into womanhood, and the proper use of sanitary items.

Additionally, the girls were advised to practise abstinence to avoid teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, which could jeopardise their education, and health.

Madam Adam Shafawu, Gender and Governance Officer, Sung Foundation, speaking during the event, said Sung Foundation recognised that one major reason for girls’ absenteeism from school during their periods was lack of access to sanitary pads leading to fear of soiling their clothes and being mocked.

She said, “to address this issue and support these girls in staying in school during their periods, each girl received a free sanitary pad as part of Sung Foundation’s celebration of this important day.”

Source: myghanadaily


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