Ceccy Twum reveals why churches have stopped supporting some Gospel artistes

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Award-winning contemporary Gospel singer and songwriter Ceccy Twum, has revealed the reasons for most churches’ hesitance in helping upcoming gospel artists.

Speaking in an interview on Hitzfm and monitored by Myghanadaily news’, the renowned Gospel artiste explained that, ‘We go to church to serve God. The church does not owe one anything therefore if the church decides to help you that’s fine but never assume that the church owes you this or that.’

She further revealed that many gospel artistes have stopped attending and helping the churches that projected them to fame. “I remember that my husband helped one gospel artiste to become very famous, upon reaching that position, this gospel artiste demanded that he is paid more than what he used to take before he sings at my husband’s church premises and because my husband didn’t do his bidding, he stopped attending the church”, she expressed bitterly.

‘When you cross-check the number of musicians that have been helped by my church, you’ll realize that most of these musicians end up leaving the church without looking back. Though some churches do want to help up-and-coming gospel artistes, their demeanor upon attaining fame deter most churches from giving them a hand to reach there,’ she added.


Source: Myghanadaily.com


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