Elite Gals provides medical equipment to Anum Health Centre

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A group of professional women called Elite Gals Club, has given a lifeline to the Anum Salvation Health Centre in the Eastern region with the supply of a number hospital equipment.

The items were to help improve healthcare delivery especially among women and safe lives during childbirth.

They included adjustable Beds, drips, blankets, mattresses and other auxiliary equipment.


The gesture followed a request by the Chief Executive Officer of the National Youth Authority, Pius Enam Hadzide, who is also MP aspirant on the ticket of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) for the Asuogyaman constituency.

The Anum Salvation Health Centre was established in 1961 in response to a great need to save lives.

It’s started as a “Baby’s Home” where motherless babies were cared for until they were two years old and could return to their families.

An Out Patient’s Clinic was held twice a week but currently operates a 24-hour health service to all people regardless of their ethnic group and nationality.


Mr Hadzide, a former Deputy Minister of  Youth and Sports, is leveraging on a number of interventions he has brought to the people including facilitating the provision of school bus for the Anum presbyterian School and providing equipment to the only TVET school in the area to solicit for votes from delegates during the primary.

He said the request for the equipment from the influencial women was his contribution towards “refilling” the health facility which has been depleted of essential equipment especially at the theater.

In response, the president of Elite Gals Club, Roni Yeboah, said the group formed three years ago was to assist rural women
in healthcare delivery on pro bono basis and help reduce mortality during childbirth.

She said although the group was relatively young, it has done a lot in healthcare delivery among rural women.

Mrs Yeboah said a regular health equipment assessment was to be made in the area to make the donation a regular feature.

Anum is a Guan community in Asuogyaman District of the Eastern Region.
Source: myghanadaily

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