Some parts of Accra experienced an earth tremor on Sunday

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Parts of Accra experienced an earth tremor on Sunday, November 12.The tremor which lasted a few seconds happened around 7:20 am.

The Ghana Geological Survey Authority (GGSA) in a series of tweets said “GGSA notes with caution reports of an earth tremor in Awoshie, Kanda, Kasoa Nyanyano, and vicinity. Our team of seismologists is actively gathering data to determine the epicenter, magnitude and other factors of this event.

“Please remain calm and follow the safety measures: Drop, Cover, and Hold On.

SAFETY MEASURE: DROP – HOLD – COVER Drop, Hold, and Cover is a safety protocol during earthquakes/tremors. ‘Drop’ to the ground, ‘Hold’ onto something sturdy, and ‘Cover’ your head and neck to protect against falling objects.

While seismic activity can be monitored, predicting the exact timing and location of an earthquake remains a complex challenge due to the dynamic nature of Earth’s crust.

“Unfortunately, earthquakes and tremors cannot be accurately forecasted with current scientific knowledge.”

Residents around Weija, Mallam, Gbawe, SCC and Bortianor were the hardest hits.

Source: myghanadaily


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