Stanbic Bank’s Marian Amartey enstooled Queen Mother of Asere

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Stanbic Bank’s Marian Amartey enstooled Queen Mother of Asere .  Ms Marian Amartey, Head of Business Enablement at Stanbic Bank Ghana, has been enstooled as Queen Mother of Asere, Amartse-We Stool in the Ga Traditional Area with the stool name Manye Naa Amorkor Shikafutru I.

The coronation ceremony took place on Saturday, February 24, 2024 at Bukom Square at Jamestown, Accra.

Ms Amartey, in her coronation speech, touched on the socio-economic needs of the community, and used the opportunity to launch her flagship project the ‘Girl Power Project’ as one of the initiatives to help stem poverty particularly targeting young women.

She said: “It is pertinent at this point to express my deep concern, about the pervasive poverty at the grassroots and the astronomical rise in crime and juvenile delinquency in our society.”

“The problem is both a consequence of and is aggravated by widespread youth unemployment. The solution would require well-articulated and structured youth development and empowerment programmes with active support of government at all levels,” she added.

Ms Amartey said girls and young women were the most affected by poverty across the world especially those in rural and urban rural communities.

She noted that from the moment they were born, girls faced cultural, educational and employment inequalities and injustice in their lives.

“We know that helping girls gain access to school, stay in school and progress to the highest level is the key to changing lives for good, not that of girls alone but that of families.”

“It was out of this truth that birthed the ‘Girl Power Project’, an initiative with a sole aim to dispel and overturn the old narrative of how ‘poverty wears a woman’s face,’” she added.

The ‘girl power project,’ she explained, would adopt a holistic approach to create opportunities for girls, promote gender equality, build self-esteem, provide education and resources, and foster leadership skills among our girls.

Ms Amartey promised that as Queen Mother she was going to work in harmony with community leaders and all relevant key stakeholders to empower young girls.

Ms Amartey was enstooled in 2023 and outdoored at a coronation ceremony over the weekend, upon completion of all activities prescribed by customs and tradition.

In attendance were chiefs and dignitaries of the Ga and other states, invited government functionaries and executives of Stanbic Bank Ghana.

Source: GNA


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