Team CSR Ghana organises second Annual Health Fair for La Nkwantanang

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Team CSR Ghana organises second Annual Health Fair for La Nkwantanang. Team CSR Ghana, a non-governmental organization (NGO), in collaboration with the ‘Beyond the Return Project’ and La Nkwantanang Madina Municipal Assembly, has organized health screening for the people in the municipality.

This was the second Annual Health Fair held by the institutions and the citizens were screened of diabetes, high blood pressure, eye, and educated on the spine by a host of medical practitioners.

The NGO, as part of the exercise, targeted about 200 people to be signed on to the National Health Insurance Scheme for free.

Mr Jonathan Akuamoah, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Team CSR Ghana, stated that the organization was predominantly funded by its local and international partners and groups and individuals in the diaspora.

He said the NGO was scheduled to embark on the health fair in every district, adding that a similar fair was held at Adenta last year.

Team CSR Ghana, he said, was also committed to constructing mechanized boreholes for communities all over Ghana grappling with the lack access to safe drinking water, saying; “We have constructed 120 boreholes in the past two years for over 150, 000 Ghanaians at the cost of $600,000.”

Dr Bryan Cox, the Chief Executive Officer of Spinal Clinic, said the spine consisted of the neck, mid-back and low-back.

He said when the bone was out of alignment, it puts pressure on the nerves and the nerve flow could go to certain areas as it was supposed to cause numbness, headache, and neck pain, among others.

Madam Jennifer Dede Adjabeng, the Municipal Chief Executive of La Nkwantanang Madina, expressed gratitude to Team CSR Ghana for the gesture as it brought relief to the people of the area.

She said the move would go a long way to reduce the cost burden of many of the residents who might have sought medical intervention.

Ms Judith Kelly, a Senior Corporate Affairs Officer at the Ghana Tourism Authority, said it was essential to acknowledge the intrinsic relationship between health and tourism.

She said a thriving tourism sector depended not only on the beauty of the landscape and the richness of the culture people but also their wellbeing.

“Healthy communities are better equipped to welcome the host visitors, providing them with enriching experiences while ensuring their safety and comfort,” she stated.

Ms Kelly said, “By prioritizing initiatives that promotes health and wellness, we are not only investing in our own future but also enhancing the attractions of Ghana as good destination for travellers around the globe.”

The NGO donated bails of second-hand clothing to participants.

Source: GNA


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