Weta Chiefs pledge support to Torgbuiga Akpo Ashiakpor VI

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Some Chiefs and people of Weta Traditional Area in the Ketu North Municipality of the Volta region have declared their full support and allegiance to Togbuiga Akpo Ashiakpor VI, Paramount Chief of Weta Traditional Area.

They said Togbuiga Ashiakpor remained the only legitimate, gazetted, and the rightful Overlord that would bring improvement and development to the area.

Torgbuiga Tetekpa II, Assistant Secretary to the Weta Traditional Area, in a press conference held at Weta on Friday, March 29, stated that Togbuiga Akpo Ashiakpor had gone through all the necessary rituals and was gazetted by the Volta Regional House of Chiefs as the rightful overload of Weta Traditional Area.

“Togbuiga Akpo Ashiakpor VI was installed and outdoored on Saturday, December 23, 2017, after vetting as demanded by the customs of the Ashiakpor Royal family,” he stated.

He further stated that per the dictates of the chieftaincy Act, 2008 (Act 759), section 63 (6) and the code of Royal ethics for chiefs, clause 3.4.2, it was an affront and  grievous to attack the institution of chieftaincy for any chief to assume a position that he or she is not entitled to by customs.

Torgbui Tetekpa ll said the Weta Council of Chiefs under the leadership of Torgbuiga Akpo Ashiakpor VI, who is also a member of the Volta Regional House of Chiefs, would pursue and use all available legal means for the truth to prevail.

He disclosed that all the traditional leaders within the area would support their Paramount Chief who was permitted to perform all administrative rites relating to chieftaincy in the Traditional Area until otherwise, by a court of competent jurisdiction.

Meanwhile, in an earlier press statement by Torgbuiga Ashiagbor IV, the ‘Dusifiaga’ of Weta Traditional Area, has petitioned the Volta Regional House of Chiefs to reconsider the inauguration of the Weta Traditional Council until all chieftaincy issues were settled within the area.

They urged all residents of the area to remain calm, assuring that all the necessary plans would be put in place for peace and development of the area.

Present at the occasion were Mamaga Ablewor IV of Weta, Torgbui Adze lll, Torgbuiga Tsetseku Seshie IV, Togbui Adukpo IV, and others.

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