COCOBOD’s Kejebil warehouse Cocoa carriers embark on sit-down strike

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Cocoa carriers at COCOBOD’s main warehouse in Kejebil, near Takoradi, have gone on strike indefinitely. COCOBOD hauls cocoa for export through the Takoradi Harbour.

The Cocoa Carriers’ Headman, Joseph Bordo, told Citi News that the indefinite strike is to demand GH1.00 per bag load instead of the 65 pesewas they currently receive.

He said they are ready to continue the strike even for 3 months if the management of COCOBOD refuses to heed to their demand.

“We have been calling for an increase in our allowances for a while now. Just last month, we were given assurances that our issue will be settled after a meeting they had.”

“They returned after the meeting only to inform us that they were going to add 3 pesewas to the amount. Our job is not easy at all. We were expecting an additional GH¢1.00. We have decided to lay down our tools till they come back with a better offer.”

Joseph Bordo also alleged that COCOBOD does not pay their SSNIT contributions.

“The leadership of this company has treated us unfairly for far too long. There are no provisions for safety, neither do they pay our SSNIT.”

“The working conditions here are terrible,” he added.

source: citinewsroom


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