Delhi International school holds science, tech exhibition

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Delhi Public School International (DPSI) has held its annual industrial application and science exhibition fair at Tema.

The event brought to the fore various innovation in science, technology and ICT, among others, which were portrayed in miniature street lights, satellite communication, communication network, volcanos in relation to climate change and nuclear reactors.

Others were firefighting drones, haemodialysis, automatic lighting control system, solar irrigation system, earthquake-proof buildings, vehicular energy generating systems, biogas, steam power plants and modern futuristic cities.

The science exhibition is on the theme: “Sustainable Solutions for A Sustainable Future”.


The Founder of the school, Mukesh Thakwani, expressed excitement at the fascinating innovations displayed by the students and commended the leadership of the school for a wonderful job done.

“This is a wonderful initiative from the teachers and the entire DPSI fraternity. They have done very wonderful but this wouldn’t have been possible without the help of their parents,” he said.

He said the combination of the students’ and parents’ efforts culminated in the excellent work of more than 600 exhibits put together by pupils from pre-primary children to senior-level students.

“We have seen every type of project not only in Science but Mathematics, Economics, English and others, and I think it is a wonderful and creative job done by the teachers and students along with their parents. A big thanks go to the DPSI fraternity,” Mr Thakwani added.

He expressed confidence that innovations by the students would go a long way to have a positive impact on their future career path and how they would work in solving societal challenges.


He said it would have a very positive impact on the children and society as a whole because they were coming up with different types of projects, which were going to help the society and the environment and added that it would offer them a big exposure in the scientific field where a lot of things could be achieved to help the sector.

The District Chief Executive for Ningo-Prampram, Al Latif Tetteh, lauded the management of the school for taking a keen interest in the government’s policy of promoting Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET) and science and technology education.

He said, apart from the heavy investment, the government was encouraging students and pupils to develop more interest in TVET, engineering and science, adding that “the school has taken the direct step towards the practical implementation of the government’s policy to ensure that the students become competitive in the global sphere”.

“Our district is trying to come out with an industrial fair and when it is established these students will have the opportunity to visit the industrial fair, which will encourage them to do more,” he added.

source: myghanadaily


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