ERS2023: Use licensed and certified engineers to ensure structural integrity -Ing. Michael Obeng Konadu urges church leaders

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Chairman of the Civil Technical Division of the Ghana Institution of Engineering, Ing. Michael Obeng Konadu delivered valuable advice to church leaders during the 6th Edition of the Ekklesia Roundtable Series, hosted by the Kingdom Equip Network in collaboration with the Ghana Institute of Architects, Ghana Institution of Engineering, and Ghana Institution of Surveyors. The event, themed ‘Efficient Development and Management of Church Property in Ghana’, took place at the Cedar Mountain Chapel Assemblies of God on Thursday, July 20, attracting a distinguished audience comprising clergy members, engineers, surveyors, legal practitioners, and other professionals.

Ing. Konadu emphasized the critical importance of employing qualified professionals in the construction of church buildings. Drawing attention to past incidents, including the collapse of six buildings, some of which were churches, he stressed the need for implementing best practices to ensure structural integrity and safety. While it may be tempting to opt for cheaper options, he warned against underestimating the potential risks, which could lead to loss of lives.

The seasoned engineer offered essential guidelines to ensure proper construction practices. These guidelines encompass engaging licensed professionals for surveys, obtaining well-prepared proposals with clear methodologies and adherence to applicable standards and codes from multiple engineering service providers, involving qualified and experienced engineering practitioners to review proposals, prioritizing value for money over the lowest cost when deciding on engineering survey proposals, presenting engineering survey reports to qualified peers for constructive discussions before acceptance, and employing appropriate contracts to engage engineering practitioners for their services.

Moreover, Ing. Konadu shed light on the crucial role of engineers in ensuring the durability, serviceability, safety, and cost-effectiveness of completed projects. He urged the audience to avail themselves of engineering services provided by licensed professionals under the Ghana Engineering Council, with the Ghana Institution of Engineering (GhIE) being a licensed professional body. Additionally, he emphasized the importance of licensed practitioners staying within their registered expertise or specializations and avoiding a “know-it-all” approach to uphold the highest standards in engineering services.

About Kingdom Equip Network and ERS

Kingdom Equip Network (K.E.N.) is a coalition of individuals and organizations dedicated to promoting good governance within and among Churches, Para-Church Institutions, and society as a whole.

The ‘Ekklesia Roundtable Series’ (ERS) is an annual initiative by K.E.N. that brings together stakeholders, experts, clergy, academia, media, and the general public to foster consensus on policy and strategic initiatives that enhance the governance of Churches and the nation at large.

Since its inception in 2017, ERS has explored diverse themes, including ‘The Legal Status of the Church in Ghana’ (main paper presented by Mr. Ace Anan Ankomah), ‘Transitions and Succession in the Ghanaian Church’ (four papers presented by a four-member panel), ‘Ministerial Accountability in the Church’ (presented by four senior ministers on sub-themes – Souls, Pulpit and Gifts, Power, and Financial Accountability, respectively), ‘The Companies Act 2019 and the Charities Bill; Implications for Churches and Religious Organizations’ (presented by a three-member panel), and ‘Who Speaks for the Church?’ (presented by a three-member panel) during K.E.N.’s 5th Anniversary Lecture, a special edition of ERS.



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