Lands Commission dismisses existence of any ‘Shadow Search’ operating under its watch

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The Lands Commission has dismissed claims of the existence of a ‘Shadow Search’ syndicate operating under its watch.

According to the Commission, its official search services are to help facilitate applicants’ land transactions and can be accessed through the commission’s Client Service Unit.

“The Lands Commission wishes to state emphatically that, there is nothing known as “Shadow Search” within the Commission. The Lands Commission as a state-mandated body in the management of government Lands conducts official searches for applicants to facilitate their land transactions. These searches and other services provided by the Commission can be accessed by the general public through the Client Service Access Unit (CSAU) of the Lands Commission or through our online portal”

In a statement signed and released by the management of the Lands Commission, it advised the public to interact with the Commission through its prescribed channels; the CSAU or its online portal.

The Lands Commission warned that anyone who operates or transacts business outside these channels do so at their own risks.

“We, therefore, admonish the public to interact with the Lands Commission exclusively through the CSAU or our Online Portal. The CSAU and the online portal are the only channels through which all transactions at the Lands Commission are submitted and received. Clients or applicants who fail to transact business with the Lands Commission through the prescribed channels do so at their own risk,” the statement noted.



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