Meet Jessica Daniel; A young rising presenter from Ghana

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Jessica is a young lady in her twenties who is quickly soaring higher in the Ghanaian space as a talented presenter.

Jessica started off with a multimedia career while doing voiceovers and hosting the Miss Galaxy Ghana(MMG) diaries with Edu Enter Group Ghana (EGG). She then proceeded to Media 7 and then both Channel-i and a channel on the media 7 platforms on satellite. 


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Jessica revealed in an interview with that, presenting comes mainly as a God-given talent to her since she is able to speak up and speak well in front of the small and mighty, irrespective of the audience at a given space.

Jessica’s drive and fulfilment come from how much people admire what she does. “That act alone gives me so much fulfilment especially when it comes to doing my work on the media field”, she disclosed.


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Jessica expressed that, there have been challenges in her carrier path but one main challenge has been how the society expects youngsters to work for free or for meagre income, just because they’re new though very talented.

Another challenge has been the issue where male and some female bosses offer positions or opportunities only in exchange for “favours”, she added.

” My advice to young ladies and young men out there is for them to make good use of their God-given ability to do something beautiful or great works worth emulating”. She further advised young talented ones to keep having faith in God and steer towards the right path in their journey to greatness. ” Even if you start something and it doesn’t turn out as planned, you can always improve on it and keep trying, learn from mistakes and have the courage to start all over again”.


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Jessica sees herself starting up a few organizations in a few years to come, as well as hosting her own events and shows, to hopefully impact a lot of lives. Jessica revealed that she might start a family soon and with regard to a media house, she is looking forward to building a solid personal business brand and if there’s a media house that wants to work together, it will be great once their paths align.

Jessica finally remarked that it is not advisable for young men and women to cheat or sleep their way to the top since it is not the only option. ” There’s always probably a little complicated or stressful option which will take time but is more honourable and with all things being equal, it will surely bring forth fulfilment”. Always look for that other option and all the best!! “And oh, Don’t forget to smile”.


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