Traders of Oda market protest Assembly’s relocation

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Traders at the Oda market  staged a demonstration  yesterday, 11 August, 2022 to resist a planned relocation following fire outbreak last year.

Leaders of the traders say the new site has not been developed by the Assembly to make their stay comfortable.

Hundreds of these traders marched on the streets from the business capital to the municipal assembly to petition the Birem Central Assembly on their demands.

The inscriptions on placards they held communicated their feelings the more.

The traders had to be selling under temporary umbrellas close to the portions of the old Oda Market, which was ravaged by fire last year.

“The Assembly’s action is what we are against,” one protesting trader said.

“They intend to reconstruct the market and hand it over to the rich. That is unfair.”

Another said: “The MP lied on air that a place has been cleared for us to relocate but we have decided not to go. He lied. We lack development here. We will stop paying market toll ticket we pay currently. The umbrellas that were provided to be given to us has been kept under lock.”

The Birem Central Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Victoria Adu, in her reaction, said the concerns raised by the market women are being addressed.

“We had discussions with their leaders. There was a memorandum of understanding on the way forward. This is an emergency situation, we can only manage because budget has to be made.”

She accused some of the traders of misleading and misinforming others.

“I am shocked at this demonstration, some of them are just inciting others against the assembly. This is so unfair.”

Source: myghanadaily


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