Author Asantewaa Ntim

A Ghanaian Christmas

Ghanaians celebrate Christmas with a variety of activities from the 20th of December through the first week of January. Many people travel to visit relatives and…

Celebrating rich Ghanaian heritage: The Akwambo festival

Ghanaians through  festivals celebrate their glorious heritage, culture and traditions . The Akwambo celebration is celebrated in August by the individuals of Agona and Gomoa areas within the Central Locale of Ghana. Akwambo actually means “path-clearing”; and it …

Ghanaian World Legacy Site

Fort Amsterdam, a World Legacy Site is a former slave fort in Kormantin, Central region, Ghana. It was built by the English between 1638 and 1645 as Fort Cormantin or Post Courmantyne, and was captured by…

The ancient Nok culture

I do not classify myself as an historian but I am currently obsessed with the past of the Nok Culture. Making me envision what life then…

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