Cape Coast attractions (1): Fort Victoria

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Cape Coast, one of the most beautiful cities in Ghana is the capital of the Central Region, located in the southern part of Ghana. Known for its role in the transatlantic slave trade, the city overlooks the Gulf of Guinea.

Due to the city being home to the Dutch, British, and Europeans during colonial times in Ghana, it is clad with different castles and forts holding the history and culture of the people of Cape Coast.

Some of these include the famous Cape Coast Castle which is a large whitewashed fort built by the Swedish in the 17th century. It was later used by the British as a holding prison for slaves. Inside the Castle Museum are exhibits on pre-colonial local history, the slave trade and traditional crafts, and Phillip’s Tower.

Fort Victoria

Formerly known as ‘Phipp’s Tower’, named after its builder, English Governor Phipps, the fort was constructed in 1821. It was one of the chain of 3 lookout posts built on the hills in the town of Cape Coast around Cape Coast Castle. These outposts were used to protect the Cape Coast Castle against Ashanti attacks. Because of its location, overlooking both the Atlantic Ocean as well as the town itself, it was also used for signaling purposes. It was later renamed Fort Victoria after Queen Victoria of Great Britain.

This little round tower  mounted 7 cannons but fell to ruin later in the 18th century. It is situated in the western part of the Cape Coast Township and can be viewed from Fort William because of close proximity between the two.

Recognized as one of the tourist sites in Ghana, the fort has been maintained as a national monument and is in good condition.

In 1837, the present Fort Victoria was built on the ruins of its predecessor as a small but strong fort.

Fort Victoria is freely accessible, although if you take the road up the hill past the Mighty Victory Hotel, you would be expected to pay a small token. Presently, it is quite unclear the main purpose the fort serves but overall Fort Victoria has been preserved as a monument and is in good condition.

Are you a tourist hoping to visit?

The fort’s opening hours are 09:00 to 16:30.

Entrance fees are as follows:

Visitor Category Entrance Fee*Pupils from Primary to JHS GH¢0.50

SHS Students GH¢ 1.00

Tertiary Students with IDGH¢ 2.00

Ghanaian Adults GH¢ 5.00Foreign ChildrenUSD  2.00 or its equivalence in Ghana cedis

Foreign Students with ID USD  7.00 or its equivalent in Ghana cedis

Adult Foreigners USD  10.00 or its equivalence in Ghana cedis

*Entrance fees were reviewed in February 2013(Ghana Museums and Monuments Board).

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