Snapchat influencer, Dulcie to promote businesses with Different Dulcieporium December intiative

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Every cloud has a silver lining. It is no different in the case of the devastating Coronavirus. Covid 19 astounded the world and took a “high seat” in the health sectors all over the world. However, amid the chaos, there was an increase in the usage of new technology and its appreciation.

Business owners and Social Media Strategists all over the world were searching for innovative ways to promote their businesses, and one of such successful entrepreneurs is Dulcie Afriyie Boateng.

Dulcie has been marketing companies for almost three years, and a simple shove from her, provided start-ups and other enterprises with the needed exposure and attention.

She is one of Ghana’s youngest social media influencers who helps businesses develop through marketing on the Snapchat social media platform.

Dulcie posing in front of her home- office

She has founded the Different Dulcieporium in December as part of her efforts to inspire three young females to become great entrepreneurs, by learning how to build, run, and sustain a business in December. The initiative is a premium social media advertising platform that evolved dramatically, particularly in the aftermath of the new coronavirus.

The social media influencer does all these amazing things, including advertising campaigns from her home office.




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