Ebenezer Asumang to release two new books to challenge Christian youth

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Business Management Consultant and prolific author, Ebenezer Asumang is yet to launch two new books, titled ‘Signature’ and ‘Entangled’ on Saturday, 8th October, 2022 at the NJoy Hotel, Sakumono Estates.

Mr. Asumang, who already has 5 published books to his credit, has become one of Ghana’s bestsellers whose works have gained popularity all over.

‘Entangled’, explores the world of the Christian youth and the challenges faced with music, especially secular. The book further educates the youth on the types of music followers of Christ are to surround their souls and minds with- that which is Christlike and edifying.

Ebenezer, not only hopes to motivate the Christian youth through this masterpiece but also guide them and bring clarity to some questions that puzzle their young minds, using rich scriptural references.

‘Signature’, on the other hand, throws light on how adults are to exhibit integrity in the corporate world and wherever they find themselves.

According to Mr. Asumang, the motivation and inspiration behind this book came as he observed that many people, especially those who claimed to be Christians lacked integrity in their various workplaces.

Hence, this book would serve as a game-changer and help Christians and the youth understand the basis and values of Christian work ethics.

About Ebenezer Asumang
Ebenezer Asumang is a Development Communicator, Innovative Finance & Investment Analyst, a Sustainability Enthusiast, and a WriterPreneur.

His passion for youth development has seen him serve in various leadership roles in the church and para-church organizations including Scripture Union, GHAFES, and FGBMFI. He has had opportunities to impact through inspirational speaking on GTV, ETV Ghana, GNTV, and other radio stations.

On the 8th of October, 2022 Entangled and Signature will be launched at the NJoy Hotel, Sakumono Estate 2 pm. Everyone is cordially invited.

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