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Ghanaian meals for weight loss

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Society’s expectations are the battles we fight each day, ‘ you are too slim’, ‘add a little weight’, ‘why are you allowing yourself to grow big’, all these comments heard each day, deteriorates the zeal to be happy and love yourself, day by day. We got your back today. Lose weight to be a healthy individual, not because of society’s expectations, learn to love yourself regardless.

Below are healthy Ghanaian meals we all love yet have nutritional benefits for weight loss.

Kontomire sauce or soup

Also known as cocoyam leaves, kontomire has multiple essential benefits. It has high quantities of vitamin C which is an oxidant known to help prevent cancer. It likewise aids in food digestion and prevents risks of digestive problems. It is low in fat and rich in protein hence influences weight loss. It contains Omega 3 which supports the treatment of diseases like lupus and arthritis. Similarly, it helps control blood pressure and even increase sperm production for men. It also has a dopamine property that helps control your mood and even enhances your memory.

Garden eggs stew

Garden eggs have a high fiber content which helps with weight loss. It is also known to be of high nutritional value for pregnant women who can easily suffer from the lack of sufficient nutrients due to the baby’s food consumption in the womb. It helps to also enhance your vision, control sugar level, and reduce liver disorders. Can be used not only to prepare sauces but also light soup. In Nigeria, it is often served as a snack and in other parts of the world where it’s called an eggplant, it’s either used for salads or served as a substitute for meat or chicken in meals.

Hausa Koko

Also known as millet porridge, Hausa Koko is a good breakfast or light dinner option. Millet serves as an efficient replacement for corn, wheat, or foods that contain gluten. For this reason, it significantly supports weight loss. Furthermore, it provides more vital amino acids than the majority of other cereals. Thus, it aids to boost bone health, prevent muscle damage, improve the immune system, and likewise healthy-looking skin.

Palm-nut soup

Also termed as Abenkwan in the Akan language, palm nut soup made from palm kernel oil is extremely high in nutrients like vitamin E. It is also infused with multiple antioxidants and this helps with protecting the skin against toxins and harmful UV rays. It’s known to have tremendous anti-aging benefits, and equally has zero trans-fat which is excellent for weight loss. You can also be guaranteed of boosting your vision from its high nutrient in vitamin A. Palm kernel oil has healthy unsaturated fats which further promote healthier joints, skin, and bones.

Known to some as beans cake, it is made from black-eyed peas paste with spices and ground pepper. Though usually served with Hausa Koko as a breakfast or light dinner option it can be a good substitute for bread in your diet. It can also be a healthy snack eaten in place of treats that contain a lot of sugar. Black-eyed peas or cowpeas are also excellent vegetarian protein. It has substantial amounts of dietary fiber which works as a laxative to protect the colon, reducing toxic substances that can cause colon cancer. It further helps reduce cholesterol and has high levels of copper and iron which support the treatment of anemia. It is a good diet regimen for pregnant women and fundamentally relevant in facilitating weight loss.

Agushi stew

Agushi also known by Nigerians as Egusi is a protein-rich seed from the melon or squash plant. It contains anti-arthritic properties that help prevent and fight arthritis. It also has vitamin B2 which helps promote and maintain healthy skin. It has dietary fibers that are good for food digestion and weight loss. It is also known to have multiple properties that help fight cancer.

Stay healthy!!!


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