Meet TERK Mama, the Ghanaian businesswoman in the diaspora breaking the internet (Part 2)

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She is a nurse, businesswoman, and philanthropist. If you have heard of the TERK brand, she indeed is the one behind it. From TERK clothingTERK KidsTERK HAIR, TERK Care foundation, etc. Today, Nana Ama Anokyewah Osei aka TERK Mama is our special feature on Myghanadaily’s Africapreneur (where we interview African entrepreneurs in the motherland and the diaspora for inspiration).

In this second part of the interview, we explore what motherhood feels like and her advice to African start-ups out there.

MGD: Let’s talk motherhood…how’s it been like?

Anokyewah with her husband

NAAO: Motherhood (that tribe) is beyond words. I love it here and won’t trade it for anything else. The fact that you have a little person to care for, rub all the love on, and make an impact makes this hood an astounding one. Listen, no one tells you anything about this hood. You have to figure it out yourself. So, I’m still figuring it out but I’m glad to help other Mamas with my two cents when they reach out to me.

MGD: What drives you? Passions, inspiration?

NAAO: To be a part of problem-solving in this society is what drives me. My husband, my child, my parents these people inspire me so much. They all play a role in my life.

MGD: Most Embarrassing Moment?

NAAO: I had to share a problem with someone I felt I trusted. I was judged and insulted in the end. It’s not something you can easily forget but these things teach us so much. You have to give grace, you have to give mercy. We are all not perfect, even if you cannot help, just LISTEN. Sometimes, people do not want solutions, they just want to be listened to.

MGD: How proud do you feel as an African?

NAAO: Wherever I find myself people are eager to know how Ghana looks like. Fortunately for us, the internet doesn’t lie. Ghana is a hot cake now. From our culture, food, people, everything! I’m very proud to be an African because I feel we are the twist and blessings added to the world.

MGD: You recently celebrated your birthday. Belated birthday though. How was it?

NAAO: This birthday meant living life to the fullest. Gratitude. Me being grateful for how far the Lord has brought me, and living life to the fullest, forgetting every regret and worry because God still got me.

Anokyewah in her birthday pose with son

MGD: Advice to businesses out there?

NAAO: For my advice to my business siblings, you will need tons of consistency and hard work. These, my friends will reward you.

To my dear youth, whatever you’re passionate about, remember your opinion comes first provided it’s a good thing. Work HARD for it, you will never get there by magic. You’ll be surprised at how you’ll appreciate your passion, talent more when you put in the work. So put in the work, add a bit of affirmation and strategy. You need to have a plan, sit down, be intentional about it.

“WHEN YOU STEP OUT ON NOTHING, YOU’LL BE AMAZED AT WHAT YOU FIND”, This book is by Byron Pitts, he’s my favorite author. That book is an eye-opener.

When you step out into this world open-minded, Treat Every One Right and Kind. By doing the right thing at the right time, you’ll get your share of the gift of making it. So, I encourage that you keep going no matter where you are and when it’s your time, your glow will be eternal.

MGD: Thanks so much for the time. Any social media handle to follow?

NAAO: Thank you too. I’m grateful for the opportunity. Yes, you can follow me on Instagram @ano_kye_waah 

For more about TERK, visit;

Instagram TERK: @terkclothing @terkbrand @terkkids

This interview was between Myghanadaily and businesswoman, philanthropist and nurse, Nana Ama Anokyewah Osei


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