Nose Masks Saga: Fashion Or Function?

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My grandfather once shared a proverb with me in the Ewe dialect which when translated into English means, “A bottle or glassware will only dance on a stone if it wants to get broken into pieces”. Bottles and stones don’t play or dance together. The bottle will surely get broken.

I have realized that we leave in a part of the continent where we just take things for granted. We live our lives carelessly and often times pandemics that devastate nations to the brink of unrepairability rather makes us bounce back in a way. Like the Israelites in the Holy Bible, we are never consumed by the attacks of the enemy. God be praised always!

The Coronavirus has reduced the population of France, Italy, Spain, America, and other European nations. Their economies are struggling to stand. But did they not observe all the safety measures of washing hands, wearing nose masks, sanitizing their hands, isolating themselves, and observing social distancing? Yet they have lost many lives?

Well, I don’t know for Ghana but from what is happening and from how things are going on here, I know God just loves us and he is keeping us from harm. Even though the cases in Ghana are increasing, more are recovering from the virus and that is humbling.

Among the measures put in place by the Ghana Health Service with authority from the Presidency to combat the novel virus is the wearing of nose masks to prevent us from contracting the virus.

The nose masks, therefore, have become quintessential in the fight against this virus and it is important that we treat it very carefully.

I have observed carefully how people in Ghana especially our mothers, fathers, sisters, and friends are handling the nose masks carelessly without precaution.

I have seen a number of messages about how the surgical masks are to be worn appropriately since most people are ignorant of how it is to be worn. I believe that education has been well received and understood but much needs to be done.

I have equally seen a message about how to ensure that the locally manufactured print nose masks are washed, disinfected, and ironed before wearing them after they are bought. This is also a good one and I only want to add a few suggestions from my observations.

With the new wax print nose masks in Ghana, it’s been observed that before someone buys it, he or she will try several ones on to see which one fits his or her face before he or she finally chooses the one they like.

A different customer will also go through the same process and end up buying only one of the masks tried by the first customer. The tradition of trying and testing these masks on continues with different people. By the end of the day, a number of people might have put on the same mask at different times and this is really dangerous for us.

Therefore it will be expedient that sellers of these masks ensure that customers will only glance through the items and choose the one they feel will fit. Customers are not to touch or try on the masks before buying them.

When they scan through with their eyes and they choose the one they want, then they can send it home, wash it, iron it and disinfect it before wearing it.

Again, most people have used the opportunity to become Tailor’s and seamstresses who get materials, cut, and sew nose masks in very unhygienic conditions only to make a living. I have different types of nose masks ever since this virus entered through the borders of the country. Schools have sewn customized nose masks, some institutions have procured theirs and other organizations have manufactured their own with their company logos on them.

Well, I do not know what to say but all I can humbly mutter out to these people is that these are not times to be driven by fashion and the combination of colors. The nose masks are to function as protective gear for our well being and must serve only that purpose.

The virus does not care whether your nose mask matches your dress, shirt, bag, shoe, or socks. You may die without a befitting burial. I humbly advise that we take caution because so far it looks like in Ghana, there’s no Coronavirus. People are only wearing nose masks as a fashion trend instead of protective clothing.

I believe this would help us fight this virus in the best possible way!

Martin Selorm Attopley, Writer, Published Author, and Communicator.


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