Citi FM/Citi TV to refurbish dilapidated Islamic SHS dining hall

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Management of the media organisation is undertaking the project through its corporate social responsibility arm, The Citi Foundation.

This was disclosed by the General Manager of Citi FM/Citi TV, Bernard Koku Avle, on Monday, January 23, 2023, on the Citi Breakfast Show.

He noted that they’ve had some engagements with the school’s management and some alumni.

Citi News captured the plight of the students on its news platforms a few days ago.

Students of Islamic Senior High School currently have no choice but to squat and eat in a dilapidated structure due to the lack of a decent dining hall.

Female students of the school are also forced to sleep in a congested dormitory due to limited accommodation.

According to the students, the infrastructural challenges in the school are hindering smooth academic work and are pleading with the government and other organisations to come to their aid.

The school since its inception about 25 years ago has not seen any facelift.

The dormitory block which was originally designed to accommodate 240 students now houses over 1000 students while the population of the school keeps growing with a current population of 3000.

Mr. Avle who is also the host of the Citi Breakfast Show, said, the situation at the Islamic Senior High School is very sad “Seeing future leaders eating on the floor. The good news is that, following the report on Breakfast Daily, Citi TV through its Foundation is intervening”.

So we are going to renovate the dining hall and some of the facilities in the school. We have done this before– we built a centre for BASCO orphanage. At least we have a small track record in that. We have spoken to the management of the school and some alumni and other stakeholders and Citi TV through the Citi Foundation is going to rebuild the facility”.

Mr. Avle further clarified why the station is undertaking the project.

“We know it’s not the solution to all the problems in the world, but we cannot as a radio/TV station intervene in all the issues we report on. But we can weigh to know the severity of each story and decide which one to deal with. Citi Foundation has started making moves to renovate the dining hall of the Islamic SHS.

Source: myghanadaily


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