iSpace Foundation embarks on CSR project for EdenLabs and Phoenix Kids program

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As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the team at iSpace Foundation, a Technology Hub based in Accra has rearranged and painted the space where kids learn Robotics and Scratch as part of its EdenLabs and Phoenix Kids program at Lyron International School.

The EdenLabs and Phoenix Kids program, which is an iSpace initiative to create a design thinking session at their partner school in the Spintex community, is designed to encourage kids with interest and passion for technology where they get the opportunity to learn Robotics and Scratch programming language.

During one of the training sessions, the team noted the challenge that, the students’ learning environment wasn’t optimal for them to have the full experience and as such decided to embark on this CSR project and create an enabling learning environment that would nurture the kid’s ability to focus and be innovative.

To learn more about how EdenLabs and Phoenix Kids and how your kids can get involved, visit the website or contact the team directly at +233 50 655 6614.

About iSpace Foundation

iSpace Foundation is an Innovation and Technology hub in Spintex, Accra, that offers a conducive environment for growth in the Startups, individuals, and young innovators in the ecosystem by providing working space, training and mentorship, access to funding, and other facilities for them to launch and manage their business ideas.



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